About us

A passion for beautiful, handcrafted objects!

Our company was founded in 2012, driven by a passion for craftsmanship and, in particular, for the working of olive wood. We work with Umbrian craftsmen to create items for our constantly changing and expanding range of products for decorative purposes and use in the kitchen. Our goal has always been that of customer satisfaction, thanks to the unique and refined products for personal use or to give as a gift. In this regard, we can create customised items on request, sometimes also using materials such as steel, copper or glass that work well alongside this top quality wood. A pleasant and heady scent of olive wood permeates the air at our shop in Assisi. To complete our range of craft objects, we have created a line of hand-buffed leather notebooks in medieval style or with the antiqued print of paintings by Giotto and Porziuncola.

The magic of Assisi inspires our work every day!

Assisi is beauty, simplicity and austerity. The alleys, steps, arches and balconies make it an Umbrian gem that is hard to forget. The panoramic view of the valley below that you can enjoy from many of the streets of the old town is magnificent.

Nestled on the slopes of Mount Subasio, its alleys and squares are synonymous with peace, relaxation, religiosity and a warm feeling of “living” the town at the same pace as 60 years ago. The Franciscan monks and Clares are the custodians of Assisi and the protectors of peace and serenity.

Assisi is the place where nature has remained more or less intact. Just a few hours at the Franciscan Hermitage, on the slopes of Mount Subasio, will suffice to find yourself immersed in the Umbrian scrub. This is the place where St. Francis loved to spend most of his moments of deepest meditation.

History and architecture
The Holy City of Christendom is a popular destination for pilgrims who want to visit the place where St. Francis was born, worked and died. In Assisi everything speaks of the Saint, even those things that perhaps he was less interested in. The town and the surrounding area was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.

St. Francis of Assisi
Celebrated on 4 October as the Patron Saint of Italy, Francis, who was devoted to a simple and modest lifestyle, is Italy’s best-loved Saint. In the Umbrian city, the Basilica dedicated to the Saint preserves the remains of the “poor man of Assisi” and is a destination for thousands of pilgrims.

The re-enactment of Calendimaggio, which takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the first week of May every year, transforms the city into the ancient medieval village of the past, with knights and ladies walking through the streets decorated with flowers and flags, theatrical performances, concerts, dances, performances by archers and flag-wavers that see the two ancient medieval factions of Parte de Sopra and Parte de Sotto compete.