Delivery methods

The delivery dates and times indicated on the website must be understood as merely approximate estimates. D’Olivo undertakes to respect dates and time frames by sending the products within the maximum limits permitted by the Applicable Legislation, but will not be held responsible for any disruptions attributable to force majeure or accidents — including those arising from malfunctions or disruptions to the Internet service — and all disruptions in general for which it is not responsible, in the event that it is unable to complete the order within the time frame stipulated in the contract.
Delivery shall be made to a valid address within Italy as indicated by the consumer (delivery address). It is the Consumer’s responsibility in all cases to verify the delivery address indicated and to promptly communicate any errors or omissions. The Company reserves the right to charge the Customer for all additional costs caused by alterations to the delivery address not communicated in a timely fashion.
Products shall be sent via the delivery company BRT Corriere Espresso or Mail Box Excetera, and delivered to the address indicated by the Consumer. In the event that the Consumer refuses or is unable to accept delivery of the product in accordance with the provisions of these general terms of sale, all risks associated with the loss of or damage to the products shall in any case be his/her responsibility.
Without prejudice to the statutory rights granted by the Applicable Legislation, the Consumer is not entitled to reject the products, either in whole or in part, and must make payment in full regardless of any failure to deliver or incomplete delivery, unless he/she provides immediate written notice of the complaint upon delivery of the goods. Should this written complaint be upheld, the Consumer will be reimbursed for the missing or damaged items.
Risks associated with the loss of or damage to products shall be the responsibility of the Consumer as of their delivery, at which point the products enter into his/her possession.


In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the Consumer may cancel purchases within 14 days by sending notice of this intention by registered post to the address:
Corso Mazzini, 23 – Assisi – Pg – Italy
If the Consumer exercises his/her right to withdraw, he/she must return the unused product, intact and in perfect condition, and must take all necessary precautions to preserve the product while it is in his/her possession and keep it at his/her expense in its original packaging, complete with all fiscal documentation, sending it to the retailer within 3 days of exercising the right to withdraw and ensuring that it is correctly delivered. Products must be returned to the address indicated above. In such cases, the Consumer shall be entitled to receive a refund of the cost of the product, without penalty, excluding delivery/return costs which remain his/her responsibility. In the event of flaws or defects which are correctly and promptly reported, the Company undertakes to refund the cost of the product found to be damaged or defective, upon verification of this fact by the Company itself when the product is returned to the address indicated above. In any case, the courier remains liable for any damage, deterioration or loss of products — or part thereof — during transport, from the time it receives them until they are delivered to the Consumer. Refunds shall be carried out within 14 days of the date on which the goods are returned, intact and in perfect condition, to the address indicated above.


The personal data supplied by the Consumer when purchasing from and/or registering on the website shall be managed in accordance with the privacy legislation in effect (see the PRIVACY and COOKIE POLICIES). The Consumer has the right to ask for his/her registration on the website to be deleted (account deletion) at any time, and is informed that this deletion entails the removal of all his/her data and all the operations he/she has carried out on the website, including his/her transactions and order history.


For Consumers who are the final Consumer, the Court and the relevant mediation and conciliation bodies of the Consumer’s place of residence have jurisdiction, as per the Applicable Legislation. In the case of customers who do not fall into the category of “Consumers” as defined in Italian Legislative Decree No. 206/2005, the Court of Spoleto has exclusive jurisdiction.