In the kitchen

Olive wood is ideal for use in the kitchen because of its high density, meaning that it is not porous. The wood does not absorb the odours of the food cut on it. Olive wood has are other advantages, depending on which article you use; for example: with the chopping boards you can cut and serve vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, meat, fish, chocolate etc. without the knife scratching or damaging the surface. Ideal for serving soft cheeses (they don’t stick to the wood). Or the beautiful bowls that stand the test of time and, depending on their size, can be used for fruit, nuts, bread, rice salads, panzanella, pasta, salads, soups, pulses, olives, jams or spices. Care: we recommend that you periodically treat the articles used in the kitchen seed oil (not olive oil); olive wood can be hand-washed with mild detergent and warm water.